Saturday, 21 March 2015

Expo day 2

I missed a few people yesterday. 

Zero Point Compression. Had a fitting and really love the feel. There's grades compression through the sleeves rather than some cheaper versions that just suck you in and are sized based on calf. Lovely range of colours and at £20 for sleeves and £30 for socks there's a £5 saving on each at the expo.

I also spoke to James the director of eglove. Really great product that gives you the extra benefit of grips on the palm and fingers which cheaper versions lack. Very impressed, they'll be on next year's Christmas List, especially if I get into Dopey and need to take photos whilst I'm running. Saving of £10 at the expo, now £15 a pair.

Met the awesome Rodney and Drew at Aftershokz. If I'd met them yesterday they so would make made my top ten finds but they're hidden away in the bike stuff. I tried their earphones that I've been researching for a while. They're the only ones that races endorse because the sit in front of the ear through bone rather than in the ear so you can still hear what's going on around you. It's much safer for you and all other runners around you. This is my basic understanding but my full review will provide more detail. I tried out a pair whilst the stage behind us was having a very loud rave or something and the sound was smooth and clear. Lo bought a pair so wait to try them out. There's quite a good expo discount.

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