Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Medical Update:  Hate it when other people know something you don't.  Just spoken to the secretary of my neurologist, they have the results of my EEG back but they have to request my file, write a letter and other paperwork so i won't find out what is happening for another week or so.  Which the NHS would just give you copies of reports, i can google the technical stuff (Like when they give you them forms for blood tests, i always google to find out what the tests are for).  Anyway, on the positive side if i do need to go back to the neurologist she said they'd slot me in which hopefully implies that i wouldn't have to wait months again.  I've already waited over three months yet this last week feels like it's going to take twice as long as what I've already waited.  If only I'd learnt to read minds, would know what that report said now.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Medical Update: Another shaky day that follows the previous shaky day and so on.  It's difficult to distinguish symptoms now as i'm so used to them that they are just a part of every day life.  Not being able to walk down the stairs normal, or my words slurring and the tremors are just how it is.  Getting a bit bored of the whole thing now but the lovely flowers from work are keeping me cheerful (Thanks guys!).  

Wrote down everything in chronological order yesterday for a catch up at work.  Has been a 141 days since i first started shaking and freezing whilst watching an episode of Eastenders.  120 days since i was signed off sick.  It feels like a lifetime with no end point but i still have a clear understanding of how lucky I am. I can't imagine how people are able to face things without the support that I've had, friends, work, uni have all been amazing and i still love the NHS (even though they are slow).  

I would like an answer at some point, please if possible, but am trying to get used to the idea that maybe there won't be one, maybe this is just how it is now.  My nephew, after watching Jack and the Beanstalk, told me that giants are big cos that's just what they are (He's a very insightful 3 year old).  Am aiming to gain the same level of acceptance.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Medical Update: I've been neglecting the blog lately but get bored of writing the same thing all the time.

Had an ECG on Wednesday which wasn't too bad.  The worse part was the gel they use to fix the wires to your head, takes forever to wash out and is itchy.  They attach like 15 wires to you then you mostly have to lie there for an hour with your eyes shut.  If the middle you have to do some deep breathing for three minutes (A lot harder than it sounds, makes you feel like you're going to pass out) and then look at some flashing lights.  It takes two weeks for them to write the report to the neurologist stating the results so am back to waiting again.  I don't think that there's any more tests that they have left to do.

After the ECG got home to find from my neurologist to my GP that i was copied into saying i needed an ECG.  Are a bit slow, had already had it.  Letter was dictated on 12 May, typed on 16 May and i got it on  the 31.