Saturday, 21 March 2015

*Updated* Viper 369 Strategy Planning

There's less than a month now until I'll be facing the Viper 369 challenge as part of a team of three.  It's a relay race with a distance in Delamere Forrest.  You have to complete a set number of laps each round of a three hour period to progress to the next and you don't get the medal and t-shirt unless you complete in the challenge within the time frame.  *Update* Actually we all get the medal and t-shirt now so happy days!

The rounds are as follows:

Viper 369 round breakdown
I think the key to completing the all three rounds is making sure you don't tire yourself out in the first two.  Taking the 5 minute grace period for each round, it's a 37 minute 5k in round 1 and 30:50 in round 2 (I've assumed a distance slightly over) which both sound pretty reasonable until you get to the 26:26 times required for stage 3.  Only two runners need to run twice in the first stage whereas someone has to go three times in the last one.  I'm thinking you save your faster runner for the end and give them only one lap in the first three hours to save their legs for when you need the faster times.

I seriously need to do some hill training! Uuurrrgggghhh!

*Further Update* The route has now been revealed and I hope you like hills.  I've mapped it on strava to get the elevation.

Viper 369 Elevation
Viper 369 route

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  1. I ran it last night. Ouch! I'm a 19:50 5k runner. I reckon I'd struggle, even on fresh legs, to go much faster than 24 minutes on this course, especially as its 5.4km so adds at least 90s to a 5k time in any event. So 26 mins for the last period laps? Could be touch and go unless you are super-fit!