Monday, 13 July 2015

See you next year Tourists

So, the tour is over. I honestly thought that I'd do one and that would be it. It would be great training for January plus I'd get to do all the BTR races in one year. Next year I'd volunteer, maybe do a few guest places. I really underestimated what it means to be a tourist, I don't think you can fully understand until you have been one. There's something about the events that you go through that pulls everyone together, even the people you didn't speak to. You'll see someone in a few months time racing in a tourist top and you'll give them a louder cheer than anyone else because they're part of the family, even if they're the crazy relative whose name you can't remember. We're like the Mitchell's (Eastenders reference men) or something, we look after our own because of the amazing and unique experience we have all shared. Today I watch the list of 2016 grow and was so happy to see so many names that made my experience so great returning but at the same time there's some new very nice people on the list. I'm excited that they'll get to experience it too. 

There are so many great memories but I have some highlights. Running with Zena and a 74 year old lady has to be up there, Hale was so much fun. Hearing the story about Rob stealing a pint as he finished, I would have loved to have seen that (He didn't actually steal it, he arranged for it to be there for him). Derek's socks! Fancy dress!! Eammon's high fives and the stitches he had me in shouting at people who went past him at Stadt Moers. Powerman! Too many wonderful supporters and volunteers to name. Keith telling us we could get off the beach, Ali running to me with my water and Pat making us smile before we faced the steps. Saying well done to every runner who went past me (well most of them, I had to stop during Stadt Moers) and getting to support a race whilst running it. Erika stopping to save a dog! Emma passing out on the train, surprising Alan with the masks and then Joyce surprising him and Yvonne with the dolls. Claire Dolan's face when she was called to the stage and watching Derek take pleasure in helping her to cross every finish line with massive smiles. David Marsh's speech and learning the importance of a pray and a hope and a song forever changed. Seeing Michael Bailey's determination at every race and pretty much every moment with Stan. Stan if I was told to give my medal back I would without hesitation, you were right, some things mean more than a medal. 

My super hero
I'll finish my race reports soon so that we can relive a bit of the agony and to give the rookie tourists an idea of what they've got themselves into. It will only prepare you for the running though, there's no preparation for becoming a tourist. You'll find out soon enough. 

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