Monday, 13 July 2015

Dopey Training

(It's no longer Tour & Dopey Training, it's a sad day. Tour training will begin again in January).  So, last week was quite an impressive number of miles and the week before that wasn't too shabby either.  Running through that feeling that your legs want to fall off is certainly getting easier compared to the mini Dopey simulation at the beginning of May.  I was worried that an 8:30 completion time for Dopey might be a bit unrealistic but I'm more confident now after finishing the tour in 9:08.  The tour is four miles more (and is spread over an extra three days obviously) but there's no sand and steps (which are the only times I walked in the week) at Dopey and hopefully I won't have a dodgy shin.  It came after a couple of weeks of not being able to run too. 

Pretty easy week this week with a couple of run races this weekend and what might be the slowest mile race ever recorded tomorrow but will be mostly resting to get ready for Thunder Run.

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