Friday, 4 July 2014


I think the saying goes something like "Simple things amuse small minds".  They must have been talking about me because when it comes to race bibs with my name on I struggle to hide my glee, the simplest of simpleton.  I'm not sure when it started but as far as I'm concerned it's a genius idea that may not quite be on a the same level as like the light bulb or car cup holder but certainly better than any contestant of The Apprentice has ever come up with.  It actually serves a purpose other amusing simple people like me too, races that put names on bibs generally have a cutoff of when you need to enter by in order to get your name printed which helps the organisers (People encouraged to enter earlier = better idea of the number of runners = better race management ability) and it allows random strangers who you will most likely never see again to cheer you on by name (I have my name on my race top for the same reason).  

The spectator sport of name cheering is an art form that doesn't get enough credit.  London Marathon obviously takes the activity to the extreme (Given the number of runners and the already charged viewing atmosphere) but only the elites actually have named bibs, the name cheering therefore is limited to those who have printed their names on their tops.  You can cheer based on the running club or location ("Go Road Runners", "Go Warrington") but that always seems a bit impersonal.  Being on the other side, as a runner, I've had my name on my bib maybe four times now and every time I've heard someone shout "Go Sarah" it honestly does put a little more speed into my stride.  It means even more to me if it's someone I don't know (Who i'm not forcing to stand around on a Sunday morning to watch lots of crazy people have a run around).

When my number for Runfest Wales didn't turn up I was a little bit gutted when I found out that they had our names on and assumed that my replacement would not.  It actually made my day when they handed the green square with my name boldly placed across it.  I've also been known to tipex my name onto a bib when I missed the cutoff date.

So, what's in a name? I honestly don't know... but if it's printed across my race bib I am simply a very happy girl.

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