Thursday, 25 June 2015

Medal Watch

I've not done one of these for a while so there's quite a few to get through.

Fylde Coast Running are certainly pulling out all the stops with their medals recently.  The gossip around the Blackpool Marathon/Half medal got me to enter the race and then they told me that the medal for Windmill Half would be even better.  I'm so gutted that I can't run it because they've released the medal before the race for once and it is so good that a photo just won't do.  You have to go on their facebook page and watch the video.  I really like their Summer 10k medal too, I would be doing it if it wasn't the day after the tour.

Sefton Park 5 Miler has also done a great job again.  I quit the race last year and never got the really pretty medal and so I have a score to settle.  It's the only race I have ever quit. I will be getting one this time!!

No medals from BTR but they have released the t-shirt design for the two tours.  The Tour of Merseryside T-shirt actually has the names of all the participants on the back with a motto saying "It's not about me it's all about us".  I really can't wait to own one, only ten more days until it starts.  I love love love the Wirral Whistle Stop Tour t-shirt, I think the design is so great.  We're going to get a whistle too to make ourselves as loud as possible by the time we get to Wirral Half.  Speaking of Wirral Half, the t-shirt for that race is nice too  (You get the Wirral Half medal and t-shirt of you do the Wirral Whistle Stop Tour) as is the one for the 10K, shame I can't do both races.

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