Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Take 5

Shoe Selfie at Ackers Pit
It was difficult to go for a run today but not because of the reasons you would think.  I haven't ran for a week, because of a calf injury, but that's not the reason I was having trouble getting out of the door.  I got it into my head that I couldn't leave the house.  After two bad days sat on the sofa unable to do anything I started to get a bit depressed.  I don't get depressed very often, I try to find the good in everything and see the positives but sometimes it's hard to keep fighting all the time. So I give in and the depression just hits me like a massive wave and I can't stay afloat.    I didn't want to leave the house, like every again, or talk to people.  Thankfully I have the most amazing husband who just lets me moan at him and then I forced myself to go for a run (which was pretty much like forcing myself to eat slugs or something).  So, I ran without a route in mind and ended up finding somewhere pretty and new, even though I've ran past it a billion times.  I stopped and laid back on the grass for a while,  looking at the moon in a blue sky and just enjoying being alive.  

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