Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Two and a half years ago I was really ill. I was on my third of 5 neurologists who just kept changing me from one evil tablet to another. James took me on the most amazing holiday ever to cheer me up and whilst I was there in the most magical place on earth I realised how lucky I was. Then I found out that I could run and love doing it. It made up for all the things I lost and really was my lifeline. I came across Run Disney and it became a bit of an obsession (much to the annoyance of everyone who knows me :)). Every run I've done has pretty much been in preporation of getting to the point where I could go and run the four races in four days (even the tour is for training) because if it gets to the point where I can no longer running I'll have left nothing undone. Today I got in to Dopey! It took a while to sink in but it really is going to happen. I never question how incredibly lucky I am.  So what if I can't talk sometimes, I'm going to run Dopey!! 

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