Monday, 27 October 2014

My targets for 2014 were:

1. To not kill James until after the wedding
2. To run enough so i can fit into my wedding dress AND still eat carbs
3. To run the Derby 10k in under an hour
4. To complete a half marathon without walking

These were all done by April so I set some new targets:

"New targets for the year, 10k at 55:20, 5 miles in 43:44 and a 5k at 26:37. Maybe slightly unrealistic but have 10 months to do it before i turn 35"

These are done now too. 

This year I've ran 32 races and have 7 left to go but I plan on running them without any pressure because racing so often is not good.  So I'm not going to set any more targets for this year and just enjoy running for the next couple of months.  My targets for 2015 are:

1. To complete my first marathon (Brighton)
2. To run three endurance events; Viper Series 9, The Tour of Merseyside and Adidas 24
3. To get into the 2015 Dopey Challenge
4. To run a sub 2 hour half marathon

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