Monday, 30 April 2012

Thought of the Day (aka rant): Political literature is annoying me again for the following reasons:

1. It's bad enough that you quoted The Sun but to quote The Sun from a year ago...

2. It is not nice to suggesat that anyone who doesn't vote for you is a fool.

3. You state that "This is a LOCAL election.  It is ONLY about who will make the BEST COUNCILLOR for Abbey Ward!".  I have two issues with this.

Firstly, It seems you're trying to distance yourself.  If that's the case why not run as an independent?   You represent a political party right?

Secondly, your pictures clearly indicate what you think is wrong with the opposition party.  MP's Expenses (Was all parties wasn't it?), Student fees, ruined economy, bankers run riot, closure of post offices, illegal war, low pension rise.  These are national issues.  Are we to ignore national issues for your own party but not in regards to your opposition? 

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